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Toi Mears (Assistant Director) Yemamu Ahmed (Director)


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Beti, Ephrata, Toi, Genet, Rahel, Medi, and Yemamu

We have partnered with Brook Hills Development Organization in the Korah Community of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.  Korah was formed by lepers about 80 years ago on the outskirts of Addis Ababa, it is home to lepers, those living with HIV/ AIDS, widows, orphans and many more families who experience tragedy daily.  Many of our families living in the Korah community live in the Addis Ababa’s land fill, and many rent homes made of plastic, tin, stick and tarps.   Two of every four women are prostitutes, and many children are not given the privilege of school because they’re required to scavenge through the dump for anything useful such as: food, plastic and metal.  BHDO’s director is Yemamu Ahmed, and his rescue story is incredible.  Both of his parents were Muslim lepers, a Christian organization came through while he and his friends were scavenging through the trash.  That day Yemamu and 9 of his friends were sponsored and sent to boarding school.  Yemamu now brings hope to this community through a variety of programs: education, Christian counseling, childcare, nutrition and  food distribution. We are so thankful for Gods Grace that He rescued Yemamu and His friends.  We at Be There Ministries have the same heart as Yemamu and BHDO staff, we want to advocate for the people in Korah and to share the hope that is in Christ Jesus.

Recent Updates

Bezu Ayelu ID#BH165

Bezu Ayelu is 28 years old and the mother of 2 sweet boys.  Gezaw Tamene is 8 years old and Temesgan Tamenen is 3 years old, and this family came to BHDO for help.  We took the opportunity to feed,...

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Habtamu Esmeleame ID#BH 162

Habtamu is 37 year-old, husband to Rainee, and father to 3 wonderful children.  Samget is 16 years-old in 9th grade, Enroi is 9 years-old in 3rd grade and Tiurus is 7 years-old in 1st grade. Habtam...

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Munit Abebe ID#BH105

The desire of our hearts is to Glorify the Lord with our care of orphans and widows.  Munit a widow, rescued an abandoned baby boy two years ago, who was orphaned right after birth.  This is beauti...

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