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Tekabe Ambaw- Program Director



                        Hand in Hand Staff

Sofia Mebratu - Cashier                Gizachew Afa - Finance Advisor

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Tewabech Alemu (Twexy) - Social Worker

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Hand in Hand is our mission partner on the grounds in Ethiopia specifically in the sub-city of Chirkos, which is right in the heart of Addis Ababa, the Capitol of Ethiopia. This is considered the slum area of the city, most families here are uneducated and live in very impoverished conditions. Prostitution is a common way of life for single mothers to support their children, this is why it's so important for us to minister and advocate for sponsorship of families in this area.

We are so grateful to partner with Hand in Hand. They work hard to educate these families, and point them to Christ. Through our Sponsorship program we are able to provide them with medical services, educational assistance, Christian counseling, and an income generation program with counseling along the way. It's so exciting to see how radically lives can change through sponsorship. The testimonies already of some of our mother's leaving prostitution and accepting Christ as their Savior is absolutely priceless.

All the praise and glory goes to our Lord Jesus Christ for the grace and hope that is in Him.

Recent Updates

Mentesnot ID# HH64

Mentesnot is 15 years old and the youngest of all of his house brothers.  He enjoys a competitive game of soccer like most Ethiopian boys. He's working diligently in school to change his future. BT...

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Abel ID#HH63

Abel is a biblical name meaning, which means breath, and you will understand why when you read this sweet boys profile.  Abel is 19 years old, he is working hard in 4th grade, and his favorite subj...

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Ephrem ID# HH62

Meet Ephrem, this is a biblical name meaning "fruitful." Ephrem is 17 years old and is diligently with his 6th grade work, his favorite subject is math.  For a career, Ephrem would like to be a pil...

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Yohannas ID# HH60

Yohannas, his wife Workalem, and four daughters are in desperate need of sponsorship and immediate relocation.   His two oldest daughters Banchiykber 22 and Lucy 20 are attending college, and fol...

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Yonas ID#HH 61

BTM has been given the opportunity to care for Yonas, and he will be living with his previous house brothers.  Yonas translates into Jonah, which is a biblical name.  Yonas is 18 years old, and cur...

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