Yesewzer Mekonnen ID# BH 167 - Sponsor Now

Yesewzer Mekonnen is 8 years old and she attends our Korah 2 program.  She lives with her mother Emebet Meheret who is 28 years old and her little sister Kalkidan Mekonnen who is 4 years old.  Yesewzer's father left when her mother was pregnant with her little sister.  At the time Yesewzer and her mother oved to Korah.  Her father has now remarried.  Emebet washes clothes for others and begs to provide for the family  Emebet has a skill of making inera as well. On April 20, we received word that this sweet family lost everything they owned in a fire that swept through the plastic homes.  Please consider sponsoring this family and restoring their hope.