Barsenet Solomon ID# BH 180

Barsenet a 20 year old college Sociology student chasing the desires of her heart and living out James 1, by visits orphans, widows, single moms, families in poverty and school children in need of encouragement.  She is faithful servant to the staff at BHDO, and works diligently one relationship at a time to speak truth in love. Her parents  have modeled through their lives a biblical family, and this has encouraged her to disciple women and teen girls through the study of God's word.  Barsenet's faith has been strengthened through many trails and faithful prayers answered, while her father was sick in her 12th grade year of school.  A pivotal moment in Barsenet's life was when she and a friend passed out cookies and breads in a hospital ward.  They were so encouraged by the joy and gratitude expressed by the patients, she knew God was calling her to serving the most vulnerable families. Barsenet's older brother and parents support this young her with this God given calling. Please consider helping this young lady pursue her dreams of living a life submitted to the Lord, and serving the people of Korah with BHDO.  

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