Habtamu Esmeleame ID#BH 162 - 3 of 5 Shares Sponsored

Place Brook Hills Development Organization

Habtamu is 37 year-old, husband to Rainee, and father to 3 wonderful children.  Samget is 16 years-old in 9th grade, Enroi is 9 years-old in 3rd grade and Tiurus is 7 years-old in 1st grade. Habtamu is a loving husband, dedicated father and zealous prayer warrior.  Habtamu is brings hop and purpose to his community of Korah by volunteering faithfully with BHDO.  He has been friends with Yemamu since they were both teens, and he is known and loved by our staff.  Habtamu previously worked in construction, but with Covid, jobs are scarce. Habtamu has graciously done home visits, sponsorship distributions help daily at the center, and respected by both Toi Mears and Mel Snow.  BHDO has been in need of an assistant to help with many aspects of operations, therefore we would like to help him out with a well deserved income after years of faithful service.  Please consider sponsoring this amazing family.