Yohannas ID# HH60 - 2 of 3 Shares Sponsored

Place Hand in Hand

  • Yohannas, his wife Workalem, and four daughters are in desperate need of sponsorship and immediate relocation.   His two oldest daughters Banchiykber 22 and Lucy 20 are attending college, and following their father's example by helping those in extreme poverty.  Yohannas' two youngest daughters are attending high school Thihun 17, her name means Amen and Erkinesh the youngest is 14, and her names means reconciliation. The description of their family is a bit vague for their safety.  Our ministry desires to relocate this family to Addis Ababa, so Yohannas can provide for his family. In this civil war-torn region, their family has experienced extreme persecution, because of their faith. Many Christians are killed for their beliefs, but Yohannas and his family have experienced trauma, illness, and loss of income. As a result of persecution their family compound and all their possessions were destroyed by fire. Yohannas holds a master's degree, and previously he directed a non-profit funded by an organization in the United Kingdom. For fourteen years Yohannas' assisted his community with income generation programs and family care, which consisted of education, protection and provision for children living in extreme poverty. Please consider sponsoring this family.