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Place Hand in Hand

BTM has been given the opportunity to care for Yonas, and he will be living with his previous house brothers.  Yonas translates into Jonah, which is a biblical name.  Yonas is 18 years old, and currently working to complete 8th grade.  His favorite color is blue, and he loves playing soccer.  His dream is to become a professional soccer player.  Yonas has a fun loving personality, he enjoys dancing and drawing, but in school he enjoys Amharic and physics. The holidays Yonas loves celebrating most are Christmas (the birth of our Savior) and Easter (the death and resurrection of our Savior!) His favorite food is Shiro, this is a creamy traditional food consisting of chickpea powder, berbere, pureed onions, tomatoes and salt for flavoring always enjoyed with Injera bread.  The desire of Yonas' heart is to live with his beloved sister, to be successful and have a better life.